Two Ladies & A Hill

Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-29-2009, Uploaded By : Federico
Directed By :  Federico Forcolini, editor, director,,
Shot On: Red camera, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 7  Duration: 3.53 mins
London ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 1114
Inspiration: Two old friends rejoice in the finer offerings of the great outdoors. (NB.This is an offline edit, please check my profile for complete version)

you have two really great characters. i love the way they interact as they climb the hill to their common goal.  
Sweet film! i'm surprised not more comments, this was 'fabulous'!  
This was some really good work with a totally surprise ending. How come it was added on the last day of the competition? 
Just the best film of the competition !  
Your characters are really interesting, but their goal is a bit crazy, although it fits to the theme. I mean, you could put every other image of what they are looking at, and you would not lose the story, or theme, or our attention. But, you choose butt. That way they become two twisted seek ladies voyeurs, which is pretty much waste of the given time and they make a comedy, but not wisdom or running for something important not only for them, but for the others. It worries me a bit, but everyone has got his reasons to walk the earth. At least they walk. Good luck! 
I somehow missed watching this one and commenting on it... It would definitely have been on my short list! It was really well put together in every way! Oh, I just read Chris' remark! It was entered on the last day of voting... By that time I had already seen all the films! Although I would never want to see young 'nakey' men myself, the ending was a surprise ;-) 
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