Run Leila Run

Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-29-2009, Uploaded By : Prashant
Directed By :  Prashant Sehgal, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Panasonic HDC-SD9, Edited On: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.00 mins
NOIDA ,UP , India   Views: 948
Inspiration: Got the idea after hearing about Filmaka's "Race Against The Clock" competition. The title is a spoof on the famous film having a similar pace/theme!

Some good outdoor shots featuring lots of street activity, which I liked. I think the pace of the film would have felt even faster if you had taken every single shot and cut them about 1-2 seconds shorter. Clever payoff at the end. 
hahah i enjoyed this, well shot n good music. 
hahaha... good message in the end. Some good shots as well. Please give your feedback on my film '4*60 seconds' 
Great Production Value! Loved the ending :-) Good work! Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
By your film, I know more about your city's view. 
She runs better than me! very much Run Lola run but the ending is a bit disapointing and doen't justyfy the run. Would have been nice if there was a good looking guy sitting on the train and she used to run to the station to see him pass. 
Nice travel log of your city. Good musical choice and tight edit. Please check out "The sands of Time" 
very cool dude! :) well executed... very funny ending... :) 
Great use of the locale. I agree that the pacing could have been brisker. Funny title spoof.------Director of 'The Time Is Now'----- 
cool little film. nice idea too. well done. 
hahahah!!! good job suhasini ...what a run ..well done prashant 
I liked insight in a place were you live. Ending is also good, but predictable. In my mind still rings one of the master-piece movies Run-Lola-Run made ten years ago by Tom Tykwer ,as your inspiration whether you know it or not. Good luck with your further work! 
hillarious mate!!! super spoof !! loved th concept and the auto was funny hahahaha!!! keep running and keep it going!! 
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