The Strange Illusion

Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-30-2009, Uploaded By : Rob
Directed By :  Rob Jameson, Director,,
Shot On: Canon 5D Mark II, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 2,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.65 mins
South Yarra ,Victoria , United States   Views: 715
Inspiration: The film was inspired by a letter from a convict on death row in Texas who said he's a dreamer and needs love to keep hoping his case will reopen.

Great narrative. Great shots at the train station. 
I think the blood not real enough. Is it illusion?  
bloody professional movie. faves! 
It is a good film, although the coulour of blood is almost unbearable because of its falseness. I am worried for your thoughts because they tell me that you are tired from life, but you do not did effort to understand yourself. Its a bit dangerous to watch it because it can only push you to suicide, which is certainly not intelligent solution. In that matter, color of blood even seems good, because it reveals illusion. Good luck! 
Well written, edited and acted film... I can relate, totally, with the character. I also wonder what's next, but my dream is to have something wonderful be 'next' ;-) Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'.  
Interesting film adaptation of a letter of a death row inmate. I don't know that i have ever really stop to think how someone feels as they await being put to death and what would bring them solace. well done. Please watch our "Sand of Time" entry. 
A good film about feelings , i really felt the pain and emotions even though it is such a short piece..kudos to all who made it possible  
nice music and the feel over all.... loved the train shot 
love this piece and the atmosphere it created.. the cinematography was excellent too! 
Good production values. I always appreciate a nice jib shot to open a piece. Interesting use of adapted material. Seems like a real sad place to be in. -------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
So very cool, the images. The beginning was full of impact. The film leaves one wanting more. Intriguing. Maker of "The Course" 
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