Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :10-02-2009, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Sjostrom, artist/filmmaker,,
Shot On: HD camcorder, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 2,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.00 mins
Toronto ,Ontario , Canada   Views: 1752
Inspiration: I always managed to submit all of my Filmaka theme videos at the last moment! This is truly racing the clock, and making the deadline!

You're amazing,Lee! It's your best solo project so far! You definitely have my vote :) 
I thought that I already commented. Great music, I love your compositions. Cute and funny and oh so true cuz I know you. And that clock! Hahahaha! 
Lee, As usual you are awesome. Well done. You have my vote for sure... 
Thanks, Ro, Ali and Johnny :-) I wrote, shot and edited it in two days. LOL, another totally solo production due to my poverty. 
seems like it was worth the race. fun film!!!  
Entertaining as always, Lee.  
this is so cute! i love it! aha and I can totally relate! 
Great film Lee! 
I loved the idea. Fun simple and easy. Perfect to execute. The music was perfectly complementing to the short. Good job! 
I guess doing it solo makes you creative, you are a rich woman in ideas. Great job. Being simple is complicated. 
Thank you so much for your comments, Emanuela, Lee, ariel, Dave, Christopher & Jardiel! I love being fun, entertaining, creative, simple, musical... And I agree, being simple is being complicated! 
I guess doing it solo makes you creative, you are a rich woman in ideas. Great job. Being simple is complicated. 
A busy woman... 
I agree that the music perfectly complimented the short. Also agree that being simple is complicated. Simple idea, complicated execution, I'll bet. Nice work. 
Continuity was almost perfect except for a couple of things that I saw :) I won't say what. It had to have been difficult to keep track of everything all by yourself and all in one day or night? I liked the fun in this film. You are a very talented woman. You definitely have my vote! Good luck! 
Thanks Heidi, Lisa & Twyla :-) Lisa, thanks about the music, and Twyla, thanks about the continuity. I know which shots you're talking about ;-) 
Hi Lee - and thanks for the comments on my film "SANDS of TIME". I enjoyed your film as well. Your creative style is quirky and entertaining (that is a compliment, FYI). You have an insightful talent. I'll now check out some of your other work as you have certainly caught my interest. Keep shootin' well! 
Thanks, Gene :-) I've often been told that my work is quirky and entertaining. I don't really try and make it that way. It just happens :-) 
A very unique perspective. As you race against the deadlines. I'm glad you enjoyed "Times Up". Keep having fun and cranking out the films. Good Luck to you.  
Lee I'm always amazed at those who can create a well rounded piece with a crew of one. well done. 
A tense and provocative thriller--my vote for certain!  
Thanks, Mike :-) I will keep cranking out the films. I have no choice ;-) Thanks Rob... I guess you didn' post but wanted to, lol! 
Thank you so much, Gene! Not only a crew of one, bit a cast of one as well ;-) 
Wowee, Mark! I didn't think of my entry as a thriller ;-) Thanks for your vote! 
I meant 'but' not 'bit', Gene ;-) 
hahaha... Well Lee, you and I share a passion for making films very close to the deadline dates... :) which is why most of my films end up on the last page... lol... good thought... and I loved your t-shirt switch shot... best of luck! 
Thanks, Anshul :-) I guess I work best when time is running out... It's that way with everything ;-) 
You are the kindest, sweetest, most considerate person I've met in over 35 hundred years, nice film too....:) 
Thanks, Mike ;-) 
good idea and nice edit lee! good luck! 
Thank you very much, Nathan :-) 
wouldn't have it any other way. glad that you met your deadline. Keep them coming. Love the fortune btw. 
Thanks, Mike! It's a fortune that I actually did get, only I changed the logo on it :-) 
Hahahaha I found it quite funny as I am a last minute submitter myself...sweet film and good luck! 
LOL Aliakbar, and thanks :-) It's nice to know that people relate! 
I think we can all relate, Lee! 
I thought I was the only one who was a last minute. Everytime I tell myself that I am not going to sweat it out trying to reach the 3am deadline, yet everytime I find myself in the same spot. Good translation of that reality to film. Way to bring humor to it! -------Director of 'The Time Is Now'-------- 
you would have taken me as a hero in your film see by your self ..still my movie is on last page....last film...hahahah..m with you lee 
Thanks for the comment, Hedia :-) Maybe that's the way that creativity works? LOL, Chris! I'm always at the last minute with everything creative that has a deadline. Because of the holiday, I actually uploaded 2 videos a couple of days before because I wouldn't be home for the deadline ;-) Thanks V-BRANG! When I'm logged in, my film is the last one too ;-) 
clever portrayal of those final moments we go through again and again and again, and I really enjoyed your victory dance! 
Great movie. I could be one of the characters too;) I loved the "rich and famous" lady. Powodzenia! 
Enjoyed this one Lee! I work pretty much the same way too :) 
Thanks, Kimberly! LOL about the victory dance ;-) Thank you Pawel! The rich and famous lady was fun to do :-) Thanks, Yasunari! It seems a lot of us work the same way ;-) 
It is your recapitulation, to say autobiography and it is really hard to make it interesting. It has some point, deadline is given by filmaka or by someone, not important, but you are the one who answered their deadlines and everyone expects that you just organizes your time better for your own sake. I can see everyone is finding itself in it, so it seems that we all are waiting until last minute, but the reason is important. For example, one can say: I do that, because I am using all given time to make a best film I can. Good bye and good luck! 
LOL, Srdan ;-) Thanks for your comments and I'll definitely keep 'the reason' in mind for my next project... As for making films, I think the best one can do is try and relate to the audience or at least entertain them. I watched and commented honestly on every film, including yours.I think that these themed competitions are a great learning experience for all of us :-)  
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