Christmas Cookies

Contest Name :Wild Card , Submission Date :10-23-2009, Uploaded By : Dave
Directed By :  Dave Kilgo, Student,,
Shot On: Canon XL-2, Edited On: Adobe,  Crew Members: 9  Duration: 3.00 mins
Tuscaloosa ,Alabama , United States   Views: 1823
Inspiration: Mother whips up a batch of holiday goodies, but this time, with a new ingredient.

Yes. LOVED the music, absolutely phenomenal. The red sweaters were a great touch and every single time the family either smiled or laughed, I laughed right along with it. So dark and ridiculous, definitely have to short list this one. 
Hmm... Yes, the red sweaters as well as all the smiles and cookie eating along with the music were all good! I was, I have to admit, a bit taken back by Santa's death, a very unexpected ending. Please watch my 'Surprise!' 
I liked the overexposed/filtery look you gave to the holiday scenes. Good pantomime by your actors that carried the piece without dialogue. Dude! You killed Santa! Check out "Bliss". 
Awesome ending! I had a great time watching this film, it was great! Well done! Please check out "Speeating" for some laughs :) 
Twisted and funny with great faces and music. -- Maker of "Vantage" 
i liked the editing and the music part its really good Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.  
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