Man On Bench

Contest Name :Wild Card , Submission Date :11-25-2009, Uploaded By : Brian
Directed By :  Brian Rowe, Writer / Director,,
Shot On: Canon XL2, Edited On: Final Cut Pro,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 1.02 mins
Encino ,CA , United States   Views: 1798
Inspiration: I always thought this would be a neat trick...

ROFLMAO! I was surprised that she actually did pickup her purse ;-) Interesting concept. Please watch my 'Surprise!' 
Funny video. Worth a very good laugh. 
More of a candid camera sequence not a film. 
I loved that! Kinda like the Japanese do with the screaming dude in downtown Tokyo. Check out "Bliss". 
Hahaha... funny stuff.. watch my "Perspective"..its not a comedy but its worth it!! Thanks for the laugh!! 
Kinda of scares me. Had my volume too up when the guy screamed. Check out my "Guilt" 
Ha! you're funny. Well timed out, I laughed after I got back to my seat from jumping out of it. Well done! Please check out "Speeating" for some laughs :) 
haha its really funny . Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.  
That actor's good at staying perfectly still, perfect expression too, and it made for a great image, with the pant leg flapping in the wind! -- Maker of "vantage" 
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