Contest Name :Wild Card , Submission Date :12-01-2009, Uploaded By : Randy
Directed By :  Randy Hines, Web Developer,,
Shot On: Canon 7D SLR, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 3,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.33 mins
Austin ,TX , United States   Views: 1798
Inspiration: An exploration of the facets of pain and joy and reality. The search for a meaningful lifeline that exists between hell and Bliss.

Every shot featuring the blue butterfly carried a lot of impact for me. Interesting mystery created right from the getgo and I enjoyed where the film ended up. 
Well done in every aspect, an effective and touching look at the other side of insanity. Please watch my 'Surprise!' 
I like it really and well acted too. i liked the blue butterfly. 
For me your film is boring. 
Thanks for your comment on my film "Perspective" I loved your film a lot. I especially liked the editing and the sounds when the butterfly vanished. You have my vote.. I hope I get yours! 
Well Made Randy, very deep and wtih the sense of space in the mind of the main character.Love the butterfly. Shortlisted 
Impressive production value and FX, but I miss the levity of your previous shorts. 
I can only beautiful.... you have my vote. Check out my 2 films if you can... thanx 
oh I forgot: I really liked the acting 
Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.  
captivating. the FX are seamless and the acting is excellent. shortlisted.  
Beautifully shot and edited, deep and sad story. -- Maker of "Vantage" 
Interesting film...very well put together. Also, nice turn on his reality. Well done!  
Very good story, I liked it a lot. NKb 
Loved the aqua blue of the butterfly and what it represented. Great special effect. (Wished the guy was given some iodine rich seaweed, or similar instead of anti-psychotics) 
liked the acting and camera work. please check out my "the bomb squad" 
Sad story told nicely! Shortlisted! 
Pleasure to watch. I've seen Hollywood blockbusters with CGI less convincing than that butterfly.  
i enjoyd ur movie, the first scene was so powerfull and made it hard to follow. grt effect though not even needed. very good  
the butterfly was so real! well done mate 
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