Wasn't Me, Dude

Contest Name :Wild Card , Submission Date :12-02-2009, Uploaded By : B
Directed By :  Benjamin Relf, Film Maker,,
   Crew Members: 0  Duration: 2.85 mins
Brooklyn ,NY , United States   Views: 2212
Inspiration: A comedy of mistaken identity.

Great music that really sets the comic atmosphere. Loved the structure of the movie. Very enjoyable film with a great conclusion. 
I enjoyed this a lot! Well made in every aspect! Without that particular music, and the style of editing, it could have easily have been a horror flick ;-) Please watch my 'Surprise!' 
beautifully shot. cheesy transitions that actually fit the feel of the piece. Good acting. So, if it wasn't the long-haired dude then who was it?! Check out "Bliss". 
Oh nice twist! Thanks for the comment on my film "Perspective" you have my vote. I hope to get yours!! 
Awesome film! Had a lot of funny moments, I really enjoyed it! Well done! Please check out "Speeating" for some more laughs :) 
hahahaha. its really cool concept and very original. i liked it. and the puch is really hard aah. but overall beutifully synchronized Please watch my entry, 'Sometimes...'.  
Nice work. Love the girl's reaction. 
Excellent :) Shortlisted ! 
Nice! Real funny. -- Maker of "Vantage" 
hahaha. really good. please watch my film "the bomb squad" 
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