The Bridge

Contest Name :Lost in Translation, Submission Date :11-20-2017, Uploaded By : Ryan
Directed By :  Ryan Wolfe, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Canon 60D,   Crew Members: 2  Duration:
Pasadena ,CALIFORNIA ,    Views: 3862
Inspiration: Is the glass half empty or half full? The same situation can be interpreted several different ways depending on your mindset and point of view.

Great Steady-cam work.  
Your wide shots were great too. Some really cinematic looks there. 
kinda missed the concept, but great steady shot. 
Two thumbs up, loved it. The message I got from this is even though life has its down moments you should always try to only live in the good moments, I think its showing that that way of thinking is often lost in translation. 
Great work! It reminded me of the Sphinx and the riddle a man had to decipher in order to enter. Balloona Creek great spot!  
also great camera moments, car, plane. Congrats! 
Inspirational! Ryan, I was feeling lonely on Thanksgiving and saw this film, and it reminded me to take stock of my blessings. half full. Thank you for that! 
Love the location! 
Nice work and great use of camera!  
None shall pass!!! Fun concept nice shooting {Jury Member}
The film did very well at capturing the theme it set out to explore: looking at life as either half empty or half full. {Jury Member}
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