Contest Name :Lost in Translation, Submission Date :11-20-2017, Uploaded By : Nate
Directed By :  Nate Bower, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Canon C100 MKII / Sony FS5,   Crew Members: 11  Duration:
Brandon ,MB , Canada   Views: 10514
Inspiration: Gordon and I sat down and talked about what being lost in translation would be like if translation used the verb form 'change or conversion to another form'. Tradducction (Spanish for translation) is special for me as a father, whose daughter and friends, are growing up in a different world than I did in relation to gender and identity. It was a fantastic experience to film, with a great crew (minus 20 Celsius for the exterior shoot and not one complaint), and actors that nailed their performances on every single take. I truly hope you enjoy this film - Nate. (Also, I know I put in that the film is 3:60 when it's actually 4:59, but there isn't a way to put in 4 minutes...)

Great Performances and creamy shots! 
Great composition and camera movement! 
Looked incredibly professional (and cold!).  
To me this was a story handled with care on all fronts. Great planning and execution.  
Very professional looking and wonderful performances! Nice job. Shortlisted.  
Deep work {Jury Member}
Extremely well shot, very topical and well-handled. The director captured some very strong performances. {Jury Member}
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