Speechless Nights

Contest Name :Lost in Translation, Submission Date :11-20-2017, Uploaded By : Matthew
Directed By :  Matthew , Filmmaker,,
Shot On: C300 Mark II,   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 4.15 mins
Brooklyn ,NY , United States   Views: 20108

I like this a lot.  
So Matthew gets first place, looks like we have to battle it out for second...well done. 
Well done! 
Very nice work.  
Love it! Fun story. Well told. 
Liked it. Send my regards to Alexandra. It is a beautiful coincidence because I know her since high school. 
Clever twist. Great casting.  {Jury Member}
Very funny. It kept me in suspense. I completely believed in the reality of the situation only to be pleasantly surprised at the ending. {Jury Member}
great work! 
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