Contest Name :Off the Grid, Submission Date :03-21-2018, Uploaded By : Radheya
Directed By :  Radheya Jegatheva, Student,,
Shot On: digital animation,   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.59 mins
Joondanna ,WA , Australia   Views: 4694
Inspiration: Explores mans relationship with technology, and encourages the youth of today to GET OFF THE GRID!

I think this is very creative and innovative. Not a bad job at all. 
Well done! Impactful writing with great animation! 
Did this movie make me want to get off the grid? Yes it did! Very effective story telling, almost done in a poetic way. I love at the end how he said Dystopia.. if anyone has ever read the book Brave New World then you will relate to the subject matter of this film. We are getting more and more connected to the outside world and disconnected to the real world which we see through our retina display (our eyes). I can see this being a documentary to educate the new generation about how technology is changing the world and how social media plays a big role. This film deserves in an in depth review! 
This is fantastic! 
Beautifully done! Creative, intricate, great writing and visuals. BRA-VO.  
Excepcional shortfilm. Cool animations and narrative. 
Great job!  
Great animation!  
Clever. Well written. Chilling  {Jury Member}
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Hide and Seek-Pablo
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Off the Map-Jason
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"Its A Great Connect
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Lipstick Eyes-Joshua
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