Contest Name :Off the Grid, Submission Date :04-27-2018, Uploaded By : Gregg
Directed By :  GREGG MASUAK, Director, Producer,,
Shot On: Red,   Crew Members: 30   Duration:
Hammersmith ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 2841
Inspiration: At times in life I've felt the immense, crushing feeling that most of us go through - the feeling that no matter what we say or do, or ARE, we aren't being heard or seen. And so I was drawn to this character who, in this case, turns it all unexpectedly around. But one wonders the cost of "fitting in" to any ideal, and will that really make us happy in the end?

FYI in submitting this, I included everyone involved in the film from start to finish - but if we are talking specifically people involved in filming process during shoot days (which it seems is the case now that I see other submissions) we are talking 5-7 people (DOP, assistant, sound recordist, hair, makeup, wardrobe, props/set). Just so yah know!  
Great concept! 
Good framing, complex short film to do. 
The story is phenomenal especially the message!  
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Antihero- Nowak
Directed By Nowak
United States
3.13 min 2

"Its A Great Connect
Directed By Amit
4.00 min 1
Directed By Barbara
5.00 min 3
I run away even if I-Berin
I run away even if I
Directed By Berin
Bosnia And Herzegovina
3.01 min 2
2nd Place winner
Stag don't-Craig
Stag don't
Directed By Craig
United Kingdom
3.05 min 1
Left Alone-Gary
Left Alone
Directed By Gary
United States
5.02 min 2
Forging a New Life-Greg
Forging a New Life
Directed By Greg
New Zealand
3.00 min 4
Directed By GREGG
United Kingdom
5.00 min 4
Directed By Jad
4.01 min 4
3rd Place winner
The Messenger-Jardiel
The Messenger
Directed By Jardiel
4.01 min 3
Lipstick Eyes-Joshua
Lipstick Eyes
Directed By Joshua
3.00 min 2
Twin Oaks - An Off G-KA
Twin Oaks - An Off G
Directed By KA
United States
4.00 min 3
Right To Life-Kathryne
Right To Life
Directed By Kathryne
United States
5.01 min 5
To Know You-Keaton
To Know You
Directed By Keaton
United States
5.00 min 7
1st Place winner
Off The Grid-Lens
Off The Grid
Directed By Lens
5.00 min 1
We/re better off-Luis
We/re better off
Directed By Luis
United States
3.97 min 3
A Rose by any other -Mark
A Rose by any other
Directed By Mark
3.01 min 0
Spaces in Between-Maxwell
Spaces in Between
Directed By Maxwell
United States
3.00 min 3
No Good Deed-Mihaela
No Good Deed
Directed By Mihaela
4.01 min 1
Hide and Seek-Pablo
Hide and Seek
Directed By Pablo
4.01 min 2

Directed By Sandip
5.00 min 4
Directed By Sarah
United States
3.00 min 5
Sunday -Stephanie
Directed By Stephanie
United States
5.07 min 1
Red Sea-Teymour
Red Sea
Directed By Teymour
4.57 min 8
Man In Crisis-Tyler
Man In Crisis
Directed By Tyler
United States
3.29 min 3
The Interminable Eye-Voichita
The Interminable Eye
Directed By Voichita
United Kingdom
4.20 min 5