Man In Crisis

Contest Name :Off the Grid, Submission Date :04-30-2018, Uploaded By : Tyler
Directed By :  Tyler Winther, Director,USA,
Shot On: BMPCC,   Crew Members: 3  Duration:
Los Angeles , , United States   Views: 1360
Inspiration: Logline: Jeff recedes into isolation after being ostracized by the world around him. Off the grid and in the bubble of his bedroom, Jeff formulates a rigidly vindictive world view that will yield deadly consequences. Info: This project is in response to the pervasiveness of mass shootings in the United States. We take an abstracted look at the moment a seemingly harmless person goes from "weird quiet kid" to monster.

Sound, editing and framing are the stars of this film - really effective technical stuff here draws you into something otherwise quite, quite simple!  
Great use of natural and practical light, cinematography and narrative. 
Beautifully Shot! 
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Antihero- Nowak
Directed By Nowak
United States
3.13 min 2

"Its A Great Connect
Directed By Amit
4.00 min 1
Directed By Barbara
5.00 min 3
I run away even if I-Berin
I run away even if I
Directed By Berin
Bosnia And Herzegovina
3.01 min 2
2nd Place winner
Stag don't-Craig
Stag don't
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United Kingdom
3.05 min 1
Left Alone-Gary
Left Alone
Directed By Gary
United States
5.02 min 2
Forging a New Life-Greg
Forging a New Life
Directed By Greg
New Zealand
3.00 min 4
Directed By GREGG
United Kingdom
5.00 min 4
Directed By Jad
4.01 min 4
3rd Place winner
The Messenger-Jardiel
The Messenger
Directed By Jardiel
4.01 min 3
Off the Map-Jason
Off the Map
Directed By Jason
United States
3.45 min 8
Lipstick Eyes-Joshua
Lipstick Eyes
Directed By Joshua
3.00 min 2
Twin Oaks - An Off G-KA
Twin Oaks - An Off G
Directed By KA
United States
4.00 min 3
Right To Life-Kathryne
Right To Life
Directed By Kathryne
United States
5.01 min 5
To Know You-Keaton
To Know You
Directed By Keaton
United States
5.00 min 7
1st Place winner
Off The Grid-Lens
Off The Grid
Directed By Lens
5.00 min 1
We/re better off-Luis
We/re better off
Directed By Luis
United States
3.97 min 3
A Rose by any other -Mark
A Rose by any other
Directed By Mark
3.01 min 0
Spaces in Between-Maxwell
Spaces in Between
Directed By Maxwell
United States
3.00 min 3
No Good Deed-Mihaela
No Good Deed
Directed By Mihaela
4.01 min 1
Hide and Seek-Pablo
Hide and Seek
Directed By Pablo
4.01 min 2

Directed By Sandip
5.00 min 4
Directed By Sarah
United States
3.00 min 5
Sunday -Stephanie
Directed By Stephanie
United States
5.07 min 1
Red Sea-Teymour
Red Sea
Directed By Teymour
4.57 min 8
Man In Crisis-Tyler
Man In Crisis
Directed By Tyler
United States
3.29 min 3
The Interminable Eye-Voichita
The Interminable Eye
Directed By Voichita
United Kingdom
4.20 min 5