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Contest Name :The Phone Call, Submission Date :07-31-2018, Uploaded By : Pedro
Directed By :  Pedro Blanco-Uribe, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: 35mm,   Crew Members: 11  Duration:
Miami Beach ,Florida , United States   Views: 12274
Inspiration: “PB” Was made in Caracas in 2 shooting days. It is my first work as a Director and Screenwriter. I shot in 35mm in spite of the low budget. I worked on a 2:1 basis in order to finís all shots without using more Film. Than i had calculated. That in why many shots of the movie are unique. The time we had for pre-production was very toght, so in order to optimize it i rehearsed the choreography with the actors few days befote the shooting. In our second day we made 58 shots in 16 shooting hours. My biggest fear was the soundtrack. I know it placed a very important role beacuse the store has no dialogs but a couple of voice over. De rest is folie, backgrounds sounds and music. Salsa music is an important narrative element in the store. That is why I had to compose and direct the orchesta. It was a great experience.

Very hilarious and funny, great Job  
hahaha love it 
Very funny, well executed. 
Very well done, congratulations {Jury Member}
lol, the cinematography took me back in time. Fantastic job incorporating the theme! 
I really liked this one it was very unique and funny!!! would love to collaborate with you on something not sure where you live or be in one of your projects, thanks!  
Thank you all!! : ) Rebecca I live in Miami Beach, your Wellcome.  
Thank you Mr. Zak It is an honor to read your comment! ( : 
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