Pineapple Dreams

Contest Name :The Accident, Submission Date :09-27-2018, Uploaded By : Mark
Directed By :  Mark Abriel, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: HD,   Crew Members: 2  Duration:
CURRUMBIN WATERS ,QLD , Australia   Views: 2565
Inspiration: Waking to a dream after a car accident, two travelers find themselves in the realm of a Pineapple god, but is he the real thing? The film's inspiration comes from the mystery of complex mathematical sequences underlying natural forms, in this case the spiral progressions of the pineapple. Do these geometric templates point to the existence of Creator Gods? Is there Life after Pineapple?

Very original. Funny parts. 
Spongebob is that you 
Mark, economical camera positions, added to the strangeness of the pineapple reality! +++ {Jury Member}
a fun absurdist concept starting point - a God like spirit appears in a pineapple w corresponding wisdom and solutions to its new clergy {Jury Member}
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