The Unforeseen

Contest Name :The Accident, Submission Date :10-05-2018, Uploaded By : Alice
Directed By :  Troy Thompson, Director,,
Shot On: September 2018, Canon 70D,   Crew Members: 1  Duration:
Casselberry ,Florida , United States   Views: 8857
Inspiration: "The Unforeseen" urges viewers to embrace every moment, regardless of circumstance. Existence is short, tomorrow is never promised, and life has deep meaning when you spend it with the ones you love. Time should never be wasted. The production team - Alice Moskola and Troy Thompson met over twelve years ago and both share a passion for production/ story creation. We share and unbiased friendship and collaborate dynamically.

A touching story, that was totally unforeseen.  
Aptly titled. Unexpected. 
Sad ending for a lovely story. Ending not expected. 
..... poignant, believable, and nice surprise ending {Jury Member}
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