Loop To Perfection

Contest Name :The Accident, Submission Date :10-05-2018, Uploaded By : T-bone
Directed By :  Joas Thermidor, College Student,,
Shot On: EOS 6D Mark II Body,   Crew Members: 5  Duration:
Fort Lauderdale ,Florida , United States   Views: 1886
Inspiration: Inspired from previously working in a group project for school. A group of guy seems to be caught into a loop of editing to producing the best film.

Collaboration perils! 
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The Last Time-Boulomsouk
The Last Time
Directed By Boulomsouk
United Kingdom
6.31 min 1
Directed By Carolis
3.13 min 5
The Couple-Elin-Margareta
The Couple
Directed By Elin-Margareta
United Kingdom
5.31 min 1
Left Behind-Gary
Left Behind
Directed By Gary
United States
5.00 min 0
The End-Gema
The End
Directed By Gema
United States
4.32 min 1
Not an accident-Israel
Not an accident
Directed By Israel
United States
4.03 min 5
The Millennial-Jardiel
The Millennial
Directed By Jardiel
4.00 min 0
Loop To Perfection-Joas
Loop To Perfection
Directed By Joas
United States
4.00 min 1
In the Face of Destr-Jojo
In the Face of Destr
Directed By Jojo
United States
3.57 min 2
The Flow-Logan
The Flow
Directed By Logan

4.80 min 7
Pineapple Dreams-Mark
Pineapple Dreams
Directed By Mark
4.58 min 4
Timbers' Crest-Maurice
Timbers' Crest
Directed By Maurice
United States
4.55 min 4
Just Like That-Simon
Just Like That
Directed By Simon
United States
5.10 min 5
2nd Place winner
The Unforeseen-Troy
The Unforeseen
Directed By Troy
United States
3.30 min 4
1st Place winner
Directed By Zahir
5.17 min 3