The Interview

Contest Name :School Pix Competition May 2019, Submission Date :05-19-2019, Uploaded By : Paul
Directed By :  Paul Condon, Operations Team Manager,,
Shot On: Canon C300,   Crew Members: 24  Duration:
HENDERSON ,NV , United States   Views: 354
Inspiration: Today's movement of #metoo and all the inequality in the world today makes it a perfect hotbed to turn the tables on a jerk and show him what is really up.

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Invisible Enemy- Hardin
Invisible Enemy
Directed By Hardin

3.17 min 0
Time of Death- Lima
Time of Death
Directed By Lima

8.14 min 0
Lucis Mortis- Ayres
Lucis Mortis
Directed By Ayres

13.55 min 0
It Be Like That-Micah
It Be Like That
Directed By Micah
United States
2.00 min 0
The Interview-Paul
The Interview
Directed By Paul
United States
5.08 min 0