Contest Name :Family Gathering, Submission Date :03-17-2007, Uploaded By : Pierre-Olivier
   Crew Members: 22  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , France   Views: 4888
Inspiration: Jury Level Winner for Family Gathering

wow. amazingly polished and very funny. i think i prefered yum yum, but this is right up there. huge congratulations. 
Hey fun little short! I see on IMDB you worked on Jurassic Park. Cool. What did you do? 
Thank you very much. 
Hello Cullen, I worked at the Stan Winston Studio in the art department. I did help on the large-scale sculptures on the dinosaurs (molding and painting claws, teeth...) It was a great experience. Since I did other films at this studio but I wasn't credited.Congratulations for "Veronica". It's very good. 
Wow! It must be nice to have a large crew and funds to produce something like this! Looks like you are already at the caliber of success that all the other directors here are aspiring too! 22 crew members!!! 
Dear Dave,Yes, it was nice to have many people helping me on this short. And I’m very thankful to them for their efforts since they were not paid.Actually, I'm just a budding filmaker and really far from success. Concerning the crew members, some are credited even if they helped 5 minutes. This is my way of thanking them. 
Hi Pierre,Like I said, It must be nice to have such a great pool of people to dip into to assist you! I mean you even had stunt coordinators.. WOW! I love the set design too, looks very professional and expensive! By the way, when did you film this? Your BTS doesn't really acnowledge when this was filmed, it would have been nice to hear your thoughts while on set about the challenge of making a film for in such a short amount of time. Nice work,Dave 
Hello Dave,And again, thank you for your comments.To answer your question, we filmed this little short the first weekend of March. (15 days before the deadline). It was 2 long days of shooting. Around 12 hours of filming each day.Actually, I wasn’t planning to make a BTS. Fortunately, my friend Marco, the guy who plays one of the characters, had his DV camera and shot a “making of” for himself. So I asked him if I could use it for the BTS.Nevertheless you’re right; I would love to talk about this little film for the BTS. (So many things to tell). But I was definitely running out of time, both on set and during post-production. 
Hi! Wow,.. thats fantastic! really impressed with it. Congratulations! 
loved your movie, realy great art design. watch mine (To Die Again) benigno piera 
super sympa votre film, surtout les dcors. Pour avoir effectu le mme type de dcors, je sais que tourner cela en deux jours est un tour de force.Alors bravo! 
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