Inform You

Contest Name :Mistaken Identity, Submission Date :02-26-2007, Uploaded By : Ms Alle
Directed By :  Adam Todd, Producer/Director/Cinematographer,Sydney, Australia,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 2.94 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 543
Inspiration: Celina is now overseas. She knows now her job isn`t the Acting she thought. Worse is yet to come. Sequel to "SAFE TRIP" & "Traffick"
Other Info: Thanks to my wonderful wife who gave herself to play HELEN in this film at the 11th hour. Thanks to the team who did two in a day!

still slick production Adam kinda of a lantana... you've cut up a larger production for filmaka i'm guessing... good luck... 
Thanks! Lantana huh? Hmmm ;)BTW did you see me in this film :) Tut tut! Directors being beaten up by Actors - I don't know! There is a great BTS video for this!No cutting of other project! We write the scripts as the themes came in. When round one started we decided we wanted to use the fact that there were ongoing themes and rounds to build an episodic story. TRAFFICK was the first hit between the eyes and I think it caused Filmaka some stress ;)SAFE TRIP was written by Angela, my 7 year long production partner, and I wrote INFORM YOU on the train whilst coming home from a court hearing :)We're a bit lost as to what to do for NEIGHBOURS as yet within this story. But our JURY entry is more important right now. So we might end up skipping this month and slipping two in next month. Admittedly it's easier shooting two episodes over two days than one a month :)Don't forget to watch W GEORGE - you get to see more glimpses of me! 
very good production design!camera, light, postproduction very well...fathers acting is a bit weak compare to others...and resolution of the story could be better at the and...overal well done! 
Hi Hakan! Resolution at the end? Watch the NEXT episode! The end was a clue! 
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