The Rendezvous

Contest Name :Mistaken Identity, Submission Date :02-27-2007, Uploaded By : Dylan
Directed By :  Dylan Harrison, Advertising,London,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 4.46 mins
, ,    Views: 1362
Inspiration: The phone box at the end of my street.
Other Info: A special thank you to Daniel Pemberton for the music and my neighbours for not following up their threats of calling the police.

good work mate.. 
Well done! 
great work... 
there's something very special about this piece - it reminds me of some of the early work of the Moroccan master - Stylesy Harriso. Beautiful Film, well done. 
Seedy, atmospheric, smutty! Everything I love in a three minute bundle. 
This is brilliant! 
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