Whats Up Next Door?

Contest Name :Neighbors, Submission Date :03-27-2007, Uploaded By : Purva
Directed By :  Purva Naresh, Filmmaker,Mumbai, India,
   Crew Members: 5  Duration: 3.01 mins
, ,    Views: 2419
Inspiration: The Joneses...
Other Info: Other significant credits: Background Music by Eman, Production Support - Akarsh Khurana, Supervising Editor - Amitabh Shukla

Purva, you have done it again! Like your Round 1 entry, you brought out a sentimental trait that wasn't seen in your Jury entry. Maybe you tried too hard on the Jury entry to be clever, but really need only be true to yourself! Love this! 
Found this piece really fun to watch. 
really cute film!i had fun watching too.congrats Purva! 
Thank you Karoly. coming from you thats high praise.I have loved your earlier entries. Yet to watch the current one. I intended this piece to be fun and am happy that you, Adam and seagan thought it was so. Was apprehensive about the music piece and the actors diction. 
Ya Adam, i think so too. I also know that Stop Wait Go missed out on the key shots which were needed to bring out the key elements of the thirs story in particular. Also tried to be simple in story with this one. Not too much layering. i think my actors help the filma a lot too. Nice faces I thought especially the old couple. ANd thought the gentleman is an established actor, the lady is his wife and I think it helps to have actual comfort levels between the two. Thank you for your praise again.I am really happy that thoughful peers are leaving comments or messaging about the film. Feels great as a film maker and as rewarding as perhaps wining. 
Hi Seagan ,thank you for your comment. Glad you liked it. It feels great when the films one makes raech out to people and establish a connect. 
To us outside India, we'd not know the "established" actors because we rarely have exposure to films of Indian origin. Focus more on getting people who want a global opportunity for your cast, it doesn't matter if they are known or not. I tend to select unknown and unseen actors for films because the Audience can get to know a new person, rather than think "Oh yeah I know that Actor, they were SuperDude in such and such." 
very charming film Purva, really enjoyed the punch line! haha.. its so true especially in asian neighbourhoods. good luck!-Yasu 
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