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The Secret Special Education System in America

Contest Name :Documentary Competition #6, Submission Date :11-01-2019, Uploaded By : Kamal
Directed By :  Kamal Imani, Teacher,,
Shot On: Sony HD and Various Cameras,   Crew Members: 5  Duration:
Hasbrouck Heights ,NJ , United States   Views: 3449
Inspiration: I have worked in the special education system for over 10 years at 3 different schools in the NJ area. I have seen some troubling things as well as some great success stories. This is an opportunity to shine light on some of the subtle abuses.

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The Secret Special E-Kamal
The Secret Special E
Directed By Kamal
United States
4.58 min 0
1st Place winner
Nepal Snehi Kaakha-Kirtana
Nepal Snehi Kaakha
Directed By Kirtana
United States
5.15 min 404
3rd Place winner
The Antique Store Na-Alejandro
The Antique Store Na
Directed By Alejandro
3.02 min 0
3rd Place winner
Directed By Swati
4.58 min 3
marcha en Juarez-DubethRamferi
marcha en Juarez
Directed By DubethRamferi
United States
4.58 min 0
The Venus Project-Jack
The Venus Project
Directed By Jack
4.52 min 0