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Filmaka pledges to reward your creativity. Our monthly competitions provide exciting challenges where you can win prizes, showcase your work, develop your skills and find an audience.

Filmaka encourages debate and feedback between all members, whether you’re a famous filmmaker or a first time novice.

Most of all, we give you the opportunity to express your unique take on life and the world around you.

We hope you’ll take part and share your creative vision with us and our community.

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How do we keep our PLEDGE?

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Filmaka Success Stories

Pierre-Oliver Thevenin
Filmaka Jury Level winner for his film "Yum Yum"
Invited Guest, Mipcom 2007 Mobile & Internet TV Awards
Thevenin, one of the leading special effects experts in France, had
already worked for producers Franck Ribiere and Vérane Frédiani. It
was only after "Yum Yum" won a Filmaka Jury Level competition that
Ribiere and Frédiani's gained confidence in his directing abilities.
When Filmaka lobbied and encouraged Ribiere and Frédiani to consider
Thevenin's work, they hired him to direct the French language feature
film "Humains" for La Fabrique de Films. Filmaka will get a
production credit.

Brett Wagner
Filmaka 2007 Finalist for his film "And Tomorrow"
2008 Dramatic U.S. Shorts Selectee, Sundance Film Festival

Trevor Hardy
Filmaka Jury Level winner for "Bruno"
Winner of Best Animation, Raindance 2007
Winner of Cartoon D'Or, Brief Encounters 2007

Karoly Ujj Meszaros
Filmaka Jury Level winner for "The New Era of Neighboring Happiness"
Golden Reel Award in the short film category, 39th Hungarian Filmweek
Special Student Jury Prize for its "nice choices of stories and the
fun and delightful, good spirit of the makers of the film." - 39th
Hungarian Filmweek
In the Student Jury's evaluation they had another statement "It is
delightful that in some films the makers do not explore extreme
situations rather they focus on everyday people, and observe them as
heroes, that is the hardest way to make a good film, but these guys
also manage to find beauty in the simplest things and events." - 39th
Hungarian Filmweek
(39th Hungarian Filmweek article in Hungarian:
Panorama Section, 2007 Mediavawe Film and Video Festival

James Ward
Winner of Filmaka's UNKLE music video competition.
UK rock band UNKLE used Filmaka's competition mechanism to discover
Ward's hand-drawn animation. They funded Ward's pitch and his idea
became the official video for their song "Restless."

Anastasia Kirillova
Runner up in Filmaka's UNKLE music video competition .
Her video pitch for UNKLE's song "Restless" was also discovered
through Filmaka's competition mechanism. She went on to transform her
idea into her 2007 Filmaka Finalist Film "Oi Oi Saveloy."

Anton Källrot
His Filmaka Jury Level winning film, "Private Calls," went to the
Petrozavodsk Film Festival 2008 in Moscow, the Pixel Film Festival
2007 in Helsingborg, Sweden, and the November Film Festival 2007 in
Trollhattam, Sweden.

Tiffany Freisberg
After entering Filmaka's Love Film competition, Tiffany was
commissioned to make a Filmaka series. This project, "A Fighting
Chance," has turned into a funded feature documentary which Filmaka is

Ben Whitehouse
Commissioned to do BARE series for Filmaka.
Signed by Ridley Scott Associates.

Sammie Lau
Entry Level winner for "Russian Roulette"
Nominee in New Arrival Section, Rotterdam Film Festival

Richard Elson
Winner of Filmaka's "I Love London" competition.
Filmaka arranged a meeting between Elson and David Barron, Producer of
Harry Potter.
Elson was also commissioned to make more films for Filmaka.