Since 1968, Harbor Freight Tools (“HFT”) has been known as the national leader in selling high quality tools at "ridiculously low prices.” HFT stocks over 7,000 items in categories including automotive, shop equipment, air and power tools, outdoor equipment, compressors, welding, and woodworking tools. HFT offers a lifetime guarantee on all hand tools and outstanding customer service. Harbor Freight Tools is a favorite with a wide range of customers, from contractors, to landscapers, small business owners, people who work in fire and police and other government agencies, schools, and manufacturing companies. HFT also is big among folks who love tools, whether simply tool enthusiasts, guys who work on their cars, do-it-yourselfers and people who work in and around their home or yard on the weekends. The company has an almost cult-like following, with many customers visiting more than once a month, spending more than an hour in the store when shopping and taking advantage of our coupons and specials whenever possible. In fact, when HFT opens a new store, it is not uncommon for lines to form prior to the grand opening event. The results speak for themselves: over 5 Million new customers (defined as those who have signed up to be in our Preferred Customer Program and receive mailings) in the last 2 years as thousands of people switch to Harbor Freight Tools every day. Harbor Freight Tools operates 340 stores in 45 states across the United States with plans to be at 600+ stores in the next five years.
Harbor Freight sells only private label brands that are usually at least 20-80% lower in price than the national brand name. In many cases, Harbor Freight sources from the same factories that also produce the national brand name. Harbor Freight uses the positioning of “Factory Direct to You!” which speaks to taking the middleman out of the process as one of the key reasons that it can sell quality tools at such low prices. This is very exciting to someone who uses tools for a living or uses tools for their hobby. No one sells the range of what Harbor Freight sells at the low prices Harbor Freight sells at – period. When a first-time customer visits a Harbor Freight store, there is a major WOW factor - "I did not know this was here and look at these prices and selection!" The result is Harbor Freight customers are very passionate about the company and the products. You can see how active their participation is on HFT's Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages. Go to the Harbor Freight retail website and scroll down to watch a video sample of Harbor Freight TV.

Harbor Freight speaks with to the point messages that require little interpretation and are easily understandable. Products and prices dominate ads but the ongoing message is that HFT is the only place to get “Quality Tools at Ridiculously Low Prices” and to have such a breadth of products in one place. Personality of the voice is that Harbor Freight isn’t fancy but focuses on delivering quality and value, is someone you know who you are doing business with versus the impersonal big boxes, cares about the customer, and while we may not do everything right you enjoy shopping with us.

The types of commercials Harbor Freight likes are:
• Crazy Eddie
• Shamwow!
• Commercials that use Billy Mays
• Geico

While these are suggestions of things Harbor Freight has seen that it liked; the Company is absolutely open to seeing any effective creative style, tone and execution.
• Each pitch should include three versions - a :15, :30, and :60 spot.
  Production for all three are included in the $12,000 production budget.
• All films must be shot in HD.
• This competition is open to US residents only.
• We are primarily seeking English language commercials, however, Spanish-language
  commercials will be accepted. Regardless of the language spoken by the target
   audience, all pitches must be submitted in English.
• Your pitch should include some storyboards or sample visuals.
• Please include a 1-page production budget on how you would use your $12,000
   in funding.
• Send a url where we can watch samples of your work, if they are not on your Filmaka
• The pitch file you upload to us should be a PDF or Word document.
• All films must be PG-13 appropriate.
• Content cannot be discriminatory, overtly sexual or crude, and should meet general
   network TV compliance standards.