Neurotic Anna rationalizes her safe-but-unsatisfying life to her therapist while trying to be more like her office mates, Edie, the ex-model, and Naomi, "the adventurous one." The curb-your-enthusiasm-esque humor unfolds around the young women as they stumble through professional and romantic missteps in a creative agency in the UK.


A WEBBY AWARD WINNER for BEST DRAMATIC SERIES, this phantasmagorical fiction is based on the real-life trans-national gang known as Mara Salvatrucha.


BARE, EP 1 - Blood Sisters: Uptight Anna tries to fit in with her new office mates, the daring Naome and gorgeous Edie.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS:Learn the rules of La Vida Loca as two brothers join an international gang.

BEHIND THE SCENES: The director of The Ten Commandments describes how fact and fiction collided in a dangerous way while filming a scene.

STARLET TRAILER: Sweet face, gorgeous body, diabolical mind. What won't she do to make it to the top?



  Ben is a director living and working in London. During 5 years as a director's assistant to some of the biggest directors in the world on over 300 TV commercials, he started making his own small films, the first few of which won him commissions from the British broadcaster E4. After helming a handful of low budget promos and producing a test commercial, Ben signed to Ridley Scott's production company RSA Films in late 2007. Whilst keen to explore all mediums and styles, Ben is particularly drawn to dark humour
for its uncomfortable truthfulness. He has the obligatory slate of projects in development including his first feature script, a new short film and several web series.