Funk it! Christie knows what he wants. He's the top lavatory salesman in London. Sit down, shut up and learn from the master.


Behind-the scenes with director Azi Rahman and writer-producer Alec Christie.

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Watch the behind-the scenes collaboration between director Azi Rahman and writer-actor Alec Christie.

CHRISTIE BLOOPERS: Life on the set of Christie.


AZI RAHMAN: Hear the director of Christie talk about getting started in films and discovering Filmaka.





  Azi realized his calling in life when he was given a film camera for his 12th birthday. Even at this early age he realized that he wanted to make his hobby a full time profession. His first job out of Film School was when Alec Christie (lead actor in the Christie series) gave him a break as a 3rd AD on the feature film 'Piccadilly Cowboy.' Alec and he later worked together on the feature film 'Back in Business' which Alec was line producing. While working together they found they had similar taste in films and decided to form a creative partnership.
Funding was difficult to find in the UK. Then they came across They submitted a film called "Funk It" into one of the monthly competitions, which
became a springboard for the entire Christie series. Since then they haven't looked back.


  See who has made it to the final round of the 2008 Feature Film Competition! Could you be next?