Sweet face, gorgeous body and diabolical mind. Lila has set her sights on becoming a Hollywood star. What won't she do to make it to the top? Will all her scheming pay off?


Hear series director Noah Harald talk about life on the set.

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STARLET, EP 1: Lila severs her Texas roots and puts her boyfriend's stick shift in gear, headed for Hollywood.

STARLET EP 2 Lila hones in on a new target at a Hollywood premiere party.

STARLET, EP 3: Lila's new agent gets her an audition for a TV pilot.

STARLET, EP 4: Lila makes friends with a rival actress on the set of her TV show.

STARLET, EP 5: Lila lands a leading role and decides to move on up.

STARLET, SEASON 2, EP 1: Lila is interviewed for a celebrity gossip show and recounts her last movie audition.

STARLET, SEASON 2, EP 2: Lila gets closer to landing the lead in the horse racing movie and applies to live in a swanky Beverly Hills Co-Op.

STARLET, SEASON 2, EP 3: Security video has caught Lila in the act of "auditioning" for the part in the race horse movie - now her career is in jeopardy.

STARLET, SEASON 2, EP 4: Lila has to ask her ex-agent for help pursuing a new movie role.

STARLET, SEASON 2, EP 5: Lila hones in on a new director to be cast in his film. When her ex-agent shows up on the scene, will he blow her cover?


  The young director of Starlet is no stranger to Hollywood's allure. Harald was born and raised in Northern California and migrated to Los Angeles to attend USC and Los Angeles Film School. An independent DV feature entitled "Stalemate," that he wrote and directed won him the 'Rising Star Award' at the 2002 Hollywood Underground Film Festival. Harald also directed a short, "Sweet Judy Blue Eyes,"which won the best screenplay award at The Beverly Hills Film Festival. Noah was nominated for an MTV movie award at the 2007
ceremony and was also a finalist in Filmaka's 2007 Feature Film Competition.
became a springboard for the entire Christie series. Since then they haven't looked back.


  See who has made it to the final round of the 2008 Feature Film Competition! Could you be next?