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  A young woman receives an unexpected phone call from her mother. As she races to reach her in time, her mother reveals secrets of her family's past. Their peaceful middle class family is not what it seems.  


  Get a behind-the-scenes peek at what life was like on the set from director Fili Seifert.  
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REACHING JULIE, EP  1: Cecilia is on her way home when her mother Julie calls with disturbing news.

REACHING JULIE, EP 2: Cecilia, as a girl, watches her parents' friends make an unusual request.

REACHING JULIE, EP 3: Julie and her husband argue over whether or not to help another couple with their very personal request.

REACHING JULIE, EP 4: En route to a holiday weekend with husband and friends, Julie has a premonition.

REACHING JULIE, EP 5: Tensions boil to the surface over dinner with Julie, her husband, and their friends.

REACHING JULIE, EP 6: Julie tries to find the words to keep her husband from leaving her.

REACHING JULIE, EP 7: Peter and Jennifer meet while Julie is out jogging.


REACHING JULIE, EP 8: Jennifer calls Peter and urges him to leave his wife.

REACHING JULIE, EP 9: The young Cecelia watches her mother suffer a nervous breakdown.


REACHING JULIE, EP 10: Julie has a catastrophic confrontation with her husband.



Fili Seifert was born in 1974 and grew up on a small island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, in the most eastern part of the Kingdom of Denmark. After graduating High school in 1994, the fundamental interest of story telling lead Fili Seifert into Danish film. Graduating as a camera operator, film and television editor and also writing and directing shorts, with acclaimed success, Fili Seifert found his true metier in writing and directing stories. Fili, is at the moment working on a "longer" short, in collaboration with award winning feature film producer Thomas Yong.


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Nana Francisca Schottländer

Maja Muhlack

Adam Løwert

Maria Kihlberg

Søren Mühldorff