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  Three young musicians come to Los Angeles to try to get their garage band off the ground. Along the way they fight personal trials and troubles, gather groupies, and never stop believing in the music.NEW EPISODES EVERY THURSDAY!  


  Watch spontaneous Video Diaries recorded on set by cast and crew during the filming of Runaway Stars.  
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EP 1 "Starlight" Band members Duncan and Kubrick play Truth or Dare with their girlfriends in Iowa.

EP 2 "Perfect" Duncan's dad tries to stop him from moving to Los Angeles.

EP 3 "Destiny" The boys meet up with a drummer named Lenny and a hot item - and documentarian - named Maude.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 4: "Why Feel?" Maude makes advances on Duncan in the bathroom of a diner.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 5: "Vintage Affair" Lacey shares a love poem she has written for Duncan, despite the fact he is taken.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 6: "Lenny" - Maude films the band rehearsing at Lenny's parents empty home.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 7: "A Bar in Del Mar" - The band gets a new gig while Lacey barters with a stranger for alcohol.

RUNAWAY STARS EP 8: "Sunday" - Maude asks Duncan if he loves her, but doesn't believe his answer.

RUNAWAY STARS EP 9: "War" - Duncan gets a phone call in the middle of the night and leaves Maude's bed.

RUNAWAY STARS EP 10: "Ring of Fire" - Duncan has a dream about his brother in Iraq in which the lyrics to a song come to him.

RUNAWAY STARS EP 11: "Squirrel" - Lacey comes by Maude's house after her children's theater performance, still dressed in costume.

RUNAWAY STARS EP 12: "Civilization" - Lenny takes a ride with an unusual stranger.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 13: "Mercury in Retrograde" - Duncan meets a band manager and tries to break up with Lacey.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 14: "Freebird" - Maude tries to do what a little bird tells her.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 15: "Infinite Possibility" - A possible manager for the band struggles with their new age talk.

RUNAWAY STARS, EP 16: "Performance" - The band gets their night onstage while Maude and Lacey finally face off.


Award-winning filmmaker Varda Hardy has written and directed a series of shorts selected and honored at numerous festivals in the US and abroad. Varda's short film WINDOW, starring Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr., received the Best Short Screenplay award from Creative Screenwriting Magazine, the Crystal Heart award at The Heartland Film Festival, and Moving Pictures Magazine selected WINDOW as one of the best short films of 2006. The film went on to screen at Cannes. Varda in partnership with writer/producer Patrick S. Bennett is currently developing a number of web series,television show ideas and
feature projects. As a filmmaker and mother of two daughters, Varda dedicates her life to making meaningful entertainment that explores what it means to be human.


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