FILMS BY Brett Wagner

The Beauty Queen

An urban legend about a solution to the homeless problem; the circular nature of life; strangers in the night; and the secret adventures of the mind. A lost and lonely man in a cold and lonely place is sent on a secret adventure to a remote tropical locale, where he happens to save the life of a dishonored beauty queen. Or maybe he doesn t.

SUBMITTED BY: Brett Wagner

CONTEST: 2007 Feature Winners

OCCUPATION: filmmaker

RESIDES IN: United States


SHOT ON: Red One

The Prophecy Of Josh
Brett Wagner - Times Viewed:1296
Entry Level Winner For The Prophecy

And Tomorrow
Brett Wagner - Times Viewed:3289
Jury Level Winner For The Prophecy

The Beauty Queen
Brett Wagner - Times Viewed:299
Entry Level Submission for 2007 Feature Winners

Brett Wagner - Times Viewed:1068
Submission for DIRECTV

Making Of And Tomorrow
Jonathan Adams - Times Viewed:104
Jury Level Entry For The Prophecy

Making Of The Beauty Queen
Brett Wagner - Times Viewed:243
Jury Level Entry For 2007 Feature Winners