FILMS BY Lee Isserow



SUBMITTED BY: Nikol Hasler

CONTEST: Race Against The Clock


RESIDES IN: United Kingdom


SHOT ON: After Effects

I Hate Parties
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:3016
Entry Level Winner For The Party

Greg Karpinski - Times Viewed:2046
Entry Level Winner For Fresh Start

Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:789
Submission for Red Bull

The British Guide To Parties
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1509
Jury Level Winner For The Party

Greg Karpinski - Times Viewed:2403
Entry Level Winner For The Clinic

Regulation 214b
Greg Karpinski - Times Viewed:1288
Entry Level Winner For Extra Curricular Activities

Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1528
Entry Level Winner For Home for the Holidays

Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:495
Jury Level Entry For The Clinic

Simon & Emily Go To The Moon
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:522
Entry Level Submission for Wild Card Contest

Santa: Home For The Holidays
Greg Karpinski - Times Viewed:434
Jury Level Entry For Home for the Holidays

The Cure
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1749
Entry Level Winner For Doctors/Lawyers/Cops

Lee Isserow

Unkle Proposal
Lee Isserow and Greg Karpinski - Times Viewed:46
Submission for Unkle

Fixing Joe
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:393
Submission for FX Network Competition

The Adventures Of Simon & Emily
opiatefilms - Times Viewed:36
Submission for FX Network Competition

Life Is What You Pour In
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1104
Submission for SAB Miller

Help At Hand
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1918
Entry Level Winner For Help Wanted

Leaving The Ivory Tower
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1632
Submission for What On Earth

Help For The Homeless
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:690
Jury Level Entry For Help Wanted

Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:2459
Entry Level Winner For On the Road

The First Day Home
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1211
Entry Level Submission for The First Day

The Basketcase
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:975
Jury Level Entry For On the Road

Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1652
Entry Level Winner For Hard Times

Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:881
Jury Level Entry For Fresh Start

Moments of Magick
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:1502
Entry Level Winner For Smoke & Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:524
Entry Level Submission for The Other Side

Necromantic - part 2
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:189
Jury Level Entry For Hard Times

The Fraud
Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:58
Jury Level Entry For Smoke & Mirrors

Lee Isserow - Times Viewed:725
Entry Level Winner For Race Against The Clock

Nikol Hasler - Times Viewed:656
Jury Level Entry For Race Against The Clock