Congratulation to The Ten Commandments series creators for a WEBBY AWARD for BEST DRAMA SERIES. We are proud of their recognition by the awards the New York Times called "the internet's highest honor." Pick a thumbnail at right to watch episodes of this twisted tale of brotherhood and vengeance. Click on "THE REAL MS-13" tab below for info on the real-life gang that inspired the series.


Take a look inside the collaboration between director Luis Bernal Salazar and his cinematographer, Rodrigo Lopez Aldana.

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10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 1: "Amaras a la Mara Sobre Todas las Cosas" ("Thou Shalt Praise the Mara Your Lord")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 2:"Santificaras La Vida Loca" Thou shalt recognize the vida loca and keep it holy.

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 3: "Codiciaras" ("Thou shalt covet")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 4: "No Desearas a la Mujer de tu Hommie" ("Thou shalt not covet they homie's bitch")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 5: "No Mentiras" ("Thou shalt not bear false witness")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 6: "Tu Padre y Tu Madre Seran Tu Clica" ("The Clique is Now Thy Father and Mother")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 7: "Juraras no Hablar con la Tira" ("Thou Shalt Not Talk to the Cops")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 8: "Robaras" ("Thou Shalt Steal")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 9 "Fornicaras" ("Thou Shalt Fornicate")

10 COMMANDMENTS, EP 10: "Mataras" ("Thou Shalt Murder")


  Series director Luis Bernal Salazar and long-time collaborator, cinematographer Rodrigo Lopez Aldana attended the STREAMY AWARDS March 28, where they were up for BEST ARTISTIC CONCEPT. On the red carpet they bumped into actress Felicia Day, of "Buffy the Vampire" fame, who was nominated for her role in the new web series "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog."
Luis and Rodrigo both hail from Mexico City but spent a week in Los Angeles making the rounds, basking in their new found recognition as two of the webisphere's rising stars. See more photos of Streamy events on The Ten Commandments' FACEBOOK PAGE.
Canada (It’s pretty there, but he is willing to relocate).


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