Last modified on March 20, 2019

1. Please make sure to keep your Short betweenthree (3) to five (5) minutes in length.

2. Your Short must be shot in HD.

3. Please make sure to avoid the following in your content: any material that would not be suitable for broadcast on networktelevision.

4. Your pitch must be in English (but if your pitch is selected,yourShort may be in the language of your choice). Your pitch must include page numbers, your name, phone number and e- mail address ON EVERY PAGE and the URL of your Filmaka profile, where we can find your PICTURE and SHORT BIOGRAPHY and examples of your work. Your pitch should be submitted in one PDF file (NO ZIP FILES). Please do not send multiple files for each component of your pitch. Here is the link to the free PC software: (please adjust your PDF converter settings to create a file size less than 2MB). For Mac users: Please use the inbuilt capability of Mac computers to create PDF's in the print command dialog box in the lower left corner.

5. Please make sure to have everybody who appears recognizably in your Short Film execute a talent release form which can be downloaded by clicking on this link talent release form. Please note that you must use this talent release form in English for all of your actors and participants etc. No other forms will be accepted.

6. Please make sure to have everyone who participated in the writing of the story or screenplay of your Short Film execute an Assignment Agreement Form. You can download the appropriate writer's assignment agreement form here. Please make sure to use the writer's assignment agreement form in English for this for all of your actors and participants etc., no other forms will be accepted.

7. Please obtain location releases for all locations featured in your Short Film. You can download the appropriate location release form here.

8. Please make sure that you use only self-composed and self-recorded music, or only fully licensed third-party music. The music licenses must cover the publishing and the synch license. You can download the appropriate music release form here

9. Please make sure to keep the master flash drive that contains your workprofessionally stored at all times. At Filmaka LLC's direction, please make sure to deliver your master and any copies/dupes you have made of the master to Filmaka LLC at the belowaddress.
Filmaka LLC, 7955 W. 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90048 USA

10. Please note that your content becomes the exclusive property in perpetuity of BASF as applicable, and their respective successors andassigns.

11. All submissions must also adhere to the detailed information outlined in the Creative Brief accessible at


Your pitch should be in English and include: an original title, a written script, a concept explanation, a budget breakdown of your proposed 3 to 5 minute film, your biography, and links to your previous work. Bids may also include visuals such as story boards, mood boards, or sample images.

Information on the location you want to shoot and visuals - sample jpgs recommended.

The pitch file you upload to us should be a PDF or Word document.


Overt sales messages, product promotion, taste tests, etc. Violent and socially-harmful material.

Glorification of alcohol and/or druguse.

Libelous, hate-inciting and/or racist language or activities of any kind. Crime, illegal activity and/or actions condoning illegal activity. Copyright and trademarkinfringements.

Threatening or harassing messages.

Use of profane/obscene/distasteful language, action or innuendo.

No depiction or representation of gross use or gorging of the product or any food used in your concept.

This competition is open to film makers from all countries.


April 9th 2019 11:59 om PST.