Updated September 21, 2019

Please make sure to keep your work within 3 to 5 minutes in length. Please make sure to keep the likely rating of your work equal to or less restrictive than "R" rated. Being a global content company, we will use a mix between the US MPAA rating and the German FSK standard to decide the rating. In case of doubt, this means no frontal nudity, no gore, and no swear words like "f*ck" in any language
Please make sure to have everybody who appears recognizably in your film execute a talent release form. You can download the appropriate form from this website. Please make sure to use our standardized Filmaka, LLC talent release form in English for all your actors and participants etc., no other forms will be accepted.
Please make sure that you use only self-composed and self-recorded music, or only fully licensed third-party music. The music licenses must cover the publishing and the synch license. Please make sure you use our standardized Filmaka, LLC music licensing form which you can download from this website, no other forms will be accepted.

Please make sure that you are the writer of your film or that the writers have assigned their rights over to you. You can download the Writer's Assignment Form from the website.Please make sure to keep the master tape/DVD that contains your work professionally stored at all times. The Master Files of your film should be in high resolution QuickTime or the like on a data medium such as data dvd, thumb drive or external hard drive or the like.

Filmaka, LLC
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Please note that upon payment of any prize money your work becomes the exclusive perpetual property of Filmaka, LLC. However, you will continue to participate in any revenues as set forth in the Competition Terms and Conditions. .

Filmaka reserves the right to request any additional legal documents it may require to insure that Filmaka, LLC has all rights required to license, distribute and otherwise exploit your work, including but not limited to crew, location, vendor and clearance agreements, and cast and crew lists.