How to Vote

  • Click on Library > Films to see the Current Submissions for the competitions that are open to voting.

  • If the Current Submissions are open to voting, there will be a button to the right of the playbox that says Add to Shortlist. Click on this to add the film in the playbox to your Shortlist. Your Shortlist is a list of films that you think are good and that you will probably want to vote for.

  • When you have viewed all the Shorts open for voting in the Periodic or Final Competition Click on My Shortlist by clicking on your profile thumbnail on the top right section of the page.

  • On your Shortlist page, use the stars to rank your top five shortlisted Shorts.

  • Click the Submit button. You will see an acknowledgment of your votes at the top of the page. Your rankings will remain on this page until the competition voting has closed. You may return to your Shortlist and change your votes until the competition voting has closed. If you change your rankings in the stars, you must click Submit again to save your new voting choices.
How to vote on Desktop
How to vote on app