Please refer to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Membership Terms and Conditions and Competition Terms and Conditions for the definitions of any capitalized terms used herein.

You must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Yes. This is a worldwide online competition; you can submit a Short from any country and in any language, subject to the Terms of Use and Competition Terms and Conditions.

Yes. A "Short" or "Shorts" is one or more short films (between three (3) minutes and five (5) minutes in length) for entry into a Competition OR a short film (between three (3) minutes and five (5) minutes in length) uploaded to the Site but not entered into a Competition. Shorts not entered into a Competition are User Generated Content while Shorts entered into a Competition are subject to the Competition Terms and Conditions. To be clear, when you enter your Short in a Competition, you are granting certain rights to Filmaka. Please read the Competition Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use carefully before entering your Short in a Competition.

"Film" or "Films" means a Short, Shorts OR any other filmed content competition entry as designated by Filmaka from time to time. This only means that Filmaka has the flexibility to create a new Competition for filmed content that may be longer than a Short. If the Competition Terms and Conditions are changed to accommodate a Competition for filmed content longer than a Short, Filmaka will be sure to let you know.

Yes, as long as it relates to the competition topic, and it is the required length. However, when you upload a Short to a Filmaka competition, you can no longer submit that Short anywhere else thereafter; the rights are now controlled by Filmaka whether or not the Short wins a Filmaka Competition. Anything that you upload must be owned and controlled by you and you must have all the necessary back up documents such as talent, crew, music, and location releases (see Delivery Requirements for more information).

Login to your account and go to My Dashboard. Click Upload located on the left below your profile picture. You will be redirected to a new page and asked to Submit Your Short. Click Browse, and once you have chosen your video file click Upload to start the uploading process. During the time it takes for the file to upload, you can enter your Short's details and submit the form. When the uploading process is at 100%, your Short details will be linked to your video, and you will receive an email confirming that the upload was successful.

Yes. The Shorts visible on the competition page are in ascending order of date uploaded. The sooner you upload your Short or Film, the higher up it will show; those that are uploaded later will be at the bottom. In the case of over-writing an existing Short the date of over-writing is considered as the upload date.

The Short file size should not exceed 500 MB and the length should not exceed 5 minutes. You can only upload mp4 files.

The name of your file should be the same as the title of your Short. Avoid using special characters or spaces in the file name.

After you upload your Short it will be sent to the Filmaka team for approval. The Filmaka team will approve the Short if it does not violate the Terms of Use and the Competition Terms and Conditions.

You should delete any duplicate entries of your Short in your Dashboard. If we find multiple versions of the same Short, we will delete any duplicate entries.

You can share the Filmaka link to show your Short to friends, family or crew members. But, you can't share it on any public website until the Short has reverted back to you per the Competition Terms and Conditions.

No. When you upload your Short for a Competition you grant exclusive rights to Filmaka per the Competition Terms and Conditions.

Filmaka owns the rights. Once you upload a Short to a Competition, you grant to FILMAKA all rights in the Short and all underlying material thereto subject to a reversion to you upon notification from Filmaka via e-mail that Filmaka no longer requires exploitation of the Rights. These rights include , without limitation, the exclusive, worldwide right to exploit, sublicense, and assign the Short and all ancillary and derivative rights thereto in all media now known or hereafter devised in any and all languages including the right to permit such Short to be posted and viewed by third parties on the Site or elsewhere.

Filmaka automatically owns all rights in and to your Short if you win a Competition, regardless of whether you place first, second or third.

If your Pitch isn't chosen, then you own the right to your Pitch.

Filmaka owns your Pitch, your Script and your Short and any other underlying material.

Once voting is over, and Filmaka has publicly announced the winners of the competition that you entered, you may screen your Short at other film festivals. However, you may only screen your Short provided that you have inserted the title card with "Filmaka presents" before the title of the Short, that you can download here.

At the end of twelve (12) Periodic Competitions, three (3) prize winners of each Periodic Competition (thirty-six [36] prize winners total) shall have the right to enter a new Short into a Final Competition, along with no more than eight (8) other entries selected by executives of Filmaka. One (1) prize winner of the applicable Final Competition will be chosen by all Members who submitted a Short in the Periodic Competitions occurring during the previous twelve (12) competitions (excluding any Members who submitted a Short for the applicable Final Competition) the Jury, and Filmaka executives, to make a feature film produced by Filmaka in conjunction with Riverstone Pictures Ltd.

If you are a Registered User, you have one (1) vote per Competition for a Short on the App only. If you are a Member, and you have not uploaded a Short to the applicable Competition, you have three (3) votes per Competition and you can vote via the Site or through the App. Members who have a submitted a Short in a Competition are required to vote for five (5) Shorts ranking them from first to fifth choice using a starred system. You may not vote for your own Short and you can vote via the Site or though the App.

Yes. Voting begins two (2) days after a Competition closes and continues for seven (7) days. You can change your vote within the 7-day deadline by going to your Shortlist and changing the rankings, then clicking on Submit. Your previous vote will be overwritten.

You need to be a Member who has submitted a Short to the monthly Filmaka competition within 12 months of the Feature Film contest; you can't be a finalist to vote. You will shortlist your clips first and then vote from there. Here is how the process works:

You must be a Member. Please login to your member account on the website or on the App.

Click on Films to see the Current Submissions for the competitions that are open to voting. Make sure you have selected the Final Competition tab.

If the Current Submissions are open to voting, there will be a button to the right of the playbox that says Add to Shortlist. Click on this to add the Short in the playbox to your Shortlist. Your Shortlist is a list of Shorts that you think are good and that you will probably want to vote for.

When you have viewed all the Shorts open for voting in the Periodic or Final Competition click on Vote Now in the top right corner of the page. This will take you to your Shortlist.

On your Shortlist page, use the drop-down menus to rank your top five (5) shortlisted Shorts.

Click the Submit button. You will see an acknowledgment of your votes at the top of the page. Your rankings will remain on this page until the competition voting has closed. You may return to your Shortlist and change your votes until the competition voting has closed. If you change your rankings in the drop-down menu, you must click Submit again to save your new voting choices.

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