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Filmaka works with brands from around the world to bring talent to the marketplace. This provides companies with new sources of original content, and offers our members more opportunities to reap financial and professional rewards for their creativity.

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Ford Fiesta Movement Challenge

Twenty Films funded and showcased on Current TV, and $17, 500 awarded in prize money.

Red Bull: X13 Vibrations

Five semi-finalists, thirteen winners, and $44,000 awarded in prizes.

MSN: What On Earth Is Going On?

Ten Filmaka winners had their films featured on

Lincoln MKS

Five music videos created by Filmaka members, aired during the Grammy Broadcast.

Babylon AD:
20th Century Fox

Watch the Filmaka shorts that appeared in the 20th Century Fox Feature Film.

DirecTV Film Challenge

20 short film submissions were awarded a total of $150,000 in prizes.

FX Networks

One Filmaka short became the feature film "Swinging with the Finkels".

Snickers ®

Five Filmaka members were selected by Snickers to produce a short film. The winners were each awarded a $10,000 production budget and a bonus.

Ford Mustang Stories

Grand Prize Winner selected to direct fully-funded feature on Drift Racing.


20 Finalists.
$125,000 in prize money.

Filmaka members submitted their ideas for the next new and unique reality/game show format. Four winners were awarded a cash prize and the opportunity to shoot a short pilot.

SAB Miller

funded the production of 15 Filmaka shorts and awarded a $5000 cash prize to each of the top five winners.

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Four winners featured in cross-platform marketing campaign!