Congratulations to the Selected Finalists of the SNICKERS® CHALLENGE. 16 Finalists were awarded a bonus for their pitches and five bids were selected to go into production. Each of the 5 winners was given a $10,000 production budget and a bonus. After having a kick-off creative meeting with ad agency BBDO's award-winning creative directors, the filmmakers had three weeks to produce their short. See the list of finalists and the 5 winning shorts below:

Verbal Abuse

Filmaka Video
Directed By: Oliver Gray
 Crew Members: 2


Verbal Abuse
Directed By Azhur

Dog Eat Dog
Directed By Brenden

Angry Man
Directed By Brett

The Creature
Directed By Bragi

Bouncing Bear
Directed By Brenden


Alàn Gonzàlez "SNICKERS® Mania"

Alejandro Màrquez-Vela
"Gal Pals"

Ben Whitehouse
"Hungry Joe"

Colin Costello

Dan Wainio
"Lucky Break"

Dana Barnaby &
Shawn McLaughlin

"The Interview"

David & Ram Bhat Vitaly Bokser
"Lifetime Achievement Award"

Joaquin Pedro Valdes
"The Tantrum"

Kurt Nishimura
"Superhero Kickball"

Marcus Thomas
"Incorrect Form Man Syndrome"

Michael Kinney
"Night of the Living SNICKERS®"

Patricio Ginelsa, Raymond Naval, & John P. Raposas
"Training Montage"

Ram Bhat & David Bokser
"The Circle of Life"

Rodrigo Lopez Aldana & Roger Flores
"The Search"

Tarique Qayumi
"Mr. Hungry"

Varda Hardy
"Better Than Sex"


Filmaka Members were invited to submit a pitch for a 30 second film that tells a fantastic story in which SNICKERS® Brand plays a role.

The brand brief from Snickers:
We are not looking for a "commercial," we're looking for original, authentic and entertaining SNICKERS® Brand content which your audience will engage with, enjoy, and pass along to friends for their enjoyment. We're not giving you a premise, an outline, any characters, locations or events. What we're giving you is the brand identity for the SNICKERS® Bar and how the candy bar should be portrayed onscreen.

This Challenge is open for Bids from around the world, but we are seeking content with an American sensibility - produced films may be aired on US TV. For that reason as well, all films must be shot in HD. Five (5) bids will be selected and given the greenlight for production with a total budget of $10,000 USD. Each producer will receive $5,000 when greenlit and the remaining $5,000 when the final film is received and approved. Our primary interest is in English language films, but we are also looking for some Spanish language bids. All bids for Spanish language films must be accompanied by an English translation. Enter as many bids as you like. Please note, you will have 3 weeks to produce each film. Pitches must be uploaded in word or PDF file.

The Result:

5 great shorts that were distributed by Snickers and its partners.