Ahi Te Encargo

Contest Name :Extra Curricular Activities , Submission Date :11-01-2007, Uploaded By : Maria isabel
Directed By :  Konrado V./ Marisa Peña, Editor,Mexico City,
Shot On: Cannon XL1, Edited On: Adobe Premiere,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.70 mins
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Other Info: check for subtitles in comments column.

Very frenetic! It's a pitty there's no subtitles... I understand spanish, but I lost a few words. What I understood I really liked though. Good work.Daniel Barosa (File 4413) 
Why no subtitles? A good film should work with the sound off, but in a film with so much speaking, not having subs is ruining it. Anyways, good acting there and editing, very frenetic. Good luck and please check out "Guitar Heroes" by Vangelis Mylonas 
Its really funny, but I agree, the subtitles would help out (I didn't have a problem, since I grew up in Mexico City). Anyway, felicidades, les quedó muy chida. 
Mrs. Grace - Good morning! Mr. Gutierrez! how are you today? Mr. Gutierrez - Hello Mrs. Grace…How are you?Grace - Listen, I need you to help me out today. It's theschool board meeting, and the kid's got no school. Canyou take care of him, at least until lunch time? 
Gutierrez - No, No, No! I think that's not gonna be possible. Igot lots of work to do, got no timeat all, and on top of that, have no experience withchildren......Boss - Mrs. Grace…..we were just waiting for you to startthe meeting…..come in please Boss - Gutierrez! Take care of the boy….and I don`t wantany trouble! Ok’ 
Boss- Hmmm!. Mrs. Grace….I0m allergic to dogs!Grace – Oh, I’m sorry Dear!. Ahm. Guti!!!! Do you mind?Boss –Gutierrez! Take care of the dog as well!Gutierrez – Yes Sir, no problem! Gutierrez – Can you draw something for me please, like a Nice nude girl, maybe? So I can finish up my stuff!Boy – Look! I have finished! Do you like it? 
Gutierrez – Let’s see! Hmm! Very well done! Hold a sec while I take this statements to the boss!Boss – Gutierrez!!!! What the hell is going on here?Gutierrez – Sir! I’m sorry, I stumbled…. Kiddo! Stop touching everything around!Boy – I feel kind of weird! I think it’s time for my medicine!Gutierrez - …As if this would make my pay check fatter….!Boy –Stop fucking around and get me my medicine! 
Grace – Oh The medication. Ok, let’s see. It’s 1 ritalin at 1 pm,And 2 valim at 12….He is a little bit sick of the stomach, but not a big deal!Boy – Can I gon the washroom?Gutierrez – Ok Hurry!Boss – Gutierrez, Can you get me acoffe?Gutierrez – Sure, Sir. No problem!Here you are!Boy – Look! Whats that?Gutierrez – No please, boy! Don’t touch) (fart)Boss – Gutierrez!, where is the sales report? 
Gutierrez – Eh! What? Oh, yes…the report! Where is the report?Boy – Here it is!Boss – Ok, Salomon, That a good boy! Good for you!Grace – That’s my kiddo! (Extinguisher)Men in white – Ok sir, relax, no problem-we’re going to0 the beach, nice weather…Gutierrez – No kids, please, no! Men in white – no sir don’t you worry now, it’s okGutierrez – Salomón, Salomón…..Boy – Yeah!...Yes please take him to the hospital” 
Well done. I like tha characters and think the actors were believable. Niceley edited too.Good luck!Greg Karpinski - director of "Regulation 214b" 
Thanks for the subtitle! I thought the film is funny, and it made me smile. Yes, the subtitle actually helps a lot! --Joseph 
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