Contest Name :What On Earth, Submission Date :07-25-2008, Uploaded By : Takehiko
Directed By :  Takehiko Nishizawa, Designer, Assistant Animator,,
Shot On: sony z1j, Edited On: finalcut,  Crew Members: 0  Duration: 3.38 mins
Fukuoka ,Fukuoka , Japan   Views: 684
Inspiration: Sharing a sandwich between two people becomes a surprising game of wits.

Beautiful animation!!! Good taste, man. Post it everywhere, you have a really good work here Best 
I agree, nice and original  
this is really nice n fun to watch but is it what on earth is going on??? 
A very rich little film, on every level exceeded expectations of what I was going to see, creative animation, and I felt the filmmaker executed the concept very well. {Jury Member}
Really liked it, original, funny, great use of colour and image. {Jury Member}
An interesting animation that was made more interesting when juxtaposed against the words WhatOnEarthIsGoingOn? Makes me realise any piece of film can be used to make us think. {Jury Member}
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