Tabloid Tales

Contest Name :What On Earth, Submission Date :07-27-2008, Uploaded By : Shelaagh
Directed By :  Yvonne Deutschman, Filmmaker,United Kingdom,
Shot On: Sony VX1000, Edited On: Final Cut Pro 4.5,  Crew Members: 9  Duration: 3.25 mins
Belsize Park ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 453
Inspiration: What connects an old man walking his dog, a rapper, a singer songwriter and a city banker? Inspiration: Newspaper stories. Director: Yvonne Deutschman

Hi viewer, have fun watching our film. Tabloid Tales is intended to reflect society’s paradoxes - the crazy world in which we live, where the innocent are treated as criminals while the criminals get away; Sleaze, scandal and deceit is imbedded the lives of those we hold in high esteem in positions of trust and where we are often so disconnected with our natural surroundings we are unaware of what’[s happening on our doorstep. 
The only society paradoxe in this clip is the annoying song... This is the worst so far ! And I must say that I've seen more than 50. 
I enjoyed the humor and don't agree with the previous poster. This film was a good comment on tabloid power to destroy innocent people. The direction was excellent: smooth, professional and with interesting choices. It's not easy to shoot on DV and make it look good. Yvonne Deutschman (director) did a superb job. Would like to see more from her. Is she on IMDB? 
If only a nice looking guy like that were to appear in my store-room one day! Loved the strange juxtaposition of random connections. Worked for me :) 
Very inyeresting film. Just goes to show there is no community spirit nowadays, one half just doesn't know how the other half live. Typically the innocent get arrested as usual and an old man at that. It also seems to me that more accomodation is needed for people. Like to see more. Ernie Ratcliffe 
intriguing and a real view of what does go on. Looking inside - we all should do it 
This is a wow factor short film-very good-I hope youths and everyone else makes sense out it. 
i would like to say the film was excellent.. It was funny and it made me think about the society we live in 
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