Take My Hand

Contest Name :On the Road, Submission Date :09-04-2008, Uploaded By : Alvaro
Directed By :  Alvaro Olmos, filmmaker,,
Shot On: canon xh a1, Edited On: premiere pro,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.12 mins
Cochabamba ,Cochabamba , Bolivia   Views: 999
Inspiration: This is a story about love... on the road when you need it more.

Nice and simple-enjoyed it. 
Lovely piece, well done. 
I think this is a really good film, very simple but strong, congratulations!! 
Great story 
well, that was a comment to other film, anyway, this short film shows something that everybody lived before, i hope you like it!!! 
I like it so much!! 
really well done, absolutely beautiful music. nice and simple with two strong lead performances. 
Lovely. Great atmosphere, and very touching.  
nice very well and lovely its touches heart 
very nice, brilliant acting and a really good feel to it 
Thanks for all your comments people, really 
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