Contest Name :The Other Side, Submission Date :08-03-2009, Uploaded By : Stephen
Directed By :  Stephen Brown, Film,,
Shot On: Canon XL-1s, Edited On: Adobe Premier,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 3.13 mins
Brooklyn ,NY , United States   Views: 733
Inspiration: Neighbors from different sides of the street share in intimate moments through a window view.

Hmmm... Music score good... Acting and editing well done. I don't really think it needed the gratuitous 'naked in the shower or bathtub' shots. The two window neighbors weren't really sharing those intimate moments with each other, were they? One question? Was the multi-racial casting and affairs intentional? 
Nice man ass shot @ 1:26 through 1:27.5... well done.  
This was an excellent film. Unfortunately, I would have like to have seen more full frontal nudity. Also, a slow motion nude trampoline shot would've been pretty hot as well. 
nice short film....cool concept.....some of the shots taken from outside the windows were awesome.....all the best - jai nat ("the footprints") 
good one ....some shots are really well taken... 
Really enjoyed the premise. The best part for me was the final quiet moments. Great work. 
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