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Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-02-2009, Uploaded By : Manpreet
Directed By :  XYZ, Writer/director,,
Shot On: August 2009, Edited On: August 2009,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.95 mins
Brussels ,Brussels , United States   Views: 866
Inspiration: Just tried to come up with a story I could shoot on my own. Andrea run.

Good story Andrea. Facial expressions were great! 
Good Luck! U did everything alone so thats great! I like it! 
Fun little film, best of luck with it. 
Very well done, especially all solo. Weren't you afraid that someone would dash off with your camcorder & tripod in the street scenes? I do a lot of my entries solo as well, but haven't had the nerve to go out on the street, yet. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'.  
Just to thing connected with time: we could see a clock (maybe 18:25) at the start and immediately go into rush situation. That is the advantage of short movie over long feature. Also, we could see by when the shops are open, otherwise we are guessing that they work until 18:30. If it is 19:00, then movie should last longer then yours. And one more thing: why you use same plans to show her running? Good luck! 
Thanks guys for your support. To answer a few questions: yes I was not very comfortable leaving my tripod an camera alone there, but the neighborhood is quite safe and I was watching! Yes in Belgium small stores close at 18.30...and if I had a crew and DP, I'm sure we'd get nicer shots! 
You were watching even when you had your back to the camera? Good work! And good that the neighborhood is safe there in Brussels. I've been to Brussels ;-) Here in Toronto, Canada, there is not ONE single safe neighborhood! I'm going to have to devise some other kind of plan to do exterior location shots for production value. I hope that you enjoyed my entry, Deadline ;-) 
Way to pull it all together by yourself. I respect your efforts. Plus you played on a great fear of mine, having the numbers but not getting the ticket. I exactly know someone who lost out of 5 million dollars because of a similar scenario. The horror! ------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
Hey Andrea, how about the pans? Was it a recording of a recording, a remote or some other thing? I'm a big admirer of do-it-yourself people. 
Pans was my mom who helped me one afternoon...nothing very mysterious. 
Not easy doing that all by yourself. Nice. 
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