Congratulations to the winners of Filmaka's 6th Documentary competition.

1st Place Winner : Kamal Imani for "The Secret Special Education System in America"
2nd Place Winner : komeil soheili for "Baraka, the cow"
3rd Place Winner: Kirtana Banskota for "Nepal Snehi Kaakha"
3rd Place Winner: Alejandro Welsh for "The Antique Store Nazi"

The Secret Special Education System in America BY Kamal Imani
Contest Name: Documentary Competition #6 Submission Date :11-01-2019, Uploaded By : Kamal Imani
Directed By :  Kamal Imani, Teacher,,
Inspiration: I have worked in the special education system for over 10 years at 3 different schools in the NJ area. I have seen some troubling things as well as some great success stories. This is an opportunity to shine light on some of the subtle abuses.

The Secret Special Education System in America-Kamal The Secret Special Education System in America
Directed By Kamal

First Place $500
Baraka, the cow-Komeil Baraka, the cow
Directed By Komeil

Second Place $350
Nepal Snehi Kaakha-Kirtana Nepal Snehi Kaakha
Directed By Kirtana

Third Place $150
The Antique Store Nazi-Alejandro The Antique Store Nazi
Directed By Alejandro

Third Place $150