The Game

Contest Name :The Game, Submission Date :05-22-2007, Uploaded By : Michael
Directed By :  Michael Critchley, Student,England,
   Crew Members: 4  Duration: 2.57 mins
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Inspiration: People taking games far too seriously, they are desinged for fun!

hahaha i know people like that! good idea guys! the game of choice is also one of my all time favorites! 
I love that game. Awesome movie dude. 
I liked the way this was put together. The music made the tension of the game very real. 
haha cool.. i like the tone of this video.. the camera angles are effective too, good job guys! 
Don't ya love loops! Boy that music gets used in a lot of short films! Cute concept, you missed a critical shot - the peices landing into a whole and a tild down following an inserted peice. 
good cinematography- keep that up! 
Very good music and nicely shot! 
very nicely shot films good job michael 
Finely filmed study of a game! 
the music was great...cute film...liked the ending. 
Brilliant, I know these guys, well not those actual guys but.. you know. 
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