Contest Name :The Voyeur, Submission Date :09-01-2007, Uploaded By : Divakar
Directed By :  Divakar Ghodake, Digital Artist,Mumbai,
Shot On: HandyCam, Edited On: prem,  Crew Members: 8  Duration: 3.53 mins
, ,    Views: 373
Inspiration: Those All people who`s Eyes always ready to found men & women for watch their Body....They always around me ........

Very engaging beginning, and the male actor was good, but the ending looked a little too artifitial. 
enjoyed the story, unpredictable. acting was great. background sound was a bit distracting. i loved the music, fit the film very well. good job. 
Pretty good, a well-told story. I agree, the background noise was a bit distracting. But I did love the music. -jason (For Shame) 
Poor guy. I'm glad it all got cleared up! I liked your main actor! well done. I agree though that the background was a little distracting. - Daanish (Public Service Announcement) 
Nice story. Good luck. Fée 
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