Office Weirdo

Contest Name :Extra Curricular Activities , Submission Date :10-29-2007, Uploaded By : Marion
Directed By :  Mark Prebble, Film Maker,Auckland,
Shot On: Panasonic DVX100, Edited On: Final Cut Express,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 1.00 mins
, , Belize   Views: 1224
Inspiration: Pondering the everyday life of a serial killer.
Other Info: Made as a Twilight Comedy Minute - a series of one minute comedy shorts made for the internet by Mark Prebble. More at

Good action..Can you please vote my videos and pass your comments.My videos are "sleeping beauty","nobossnoloss","chat@office"..thanks 
Heh, heh, that gave me a good laugh. Great acting there, especially by the killer. Good work and please check out "Guitar Heroes" by Vangelis Mylonas 
Haha...loved it. The acting really is great. My idea is very similar, take a look afterwards at "File 4413".Hope you enjoy and good luck. 
Acting was nice.Good work.Paras R.Gandhi-director of "Pants Down" 
Silly (in the right way) and funny. I liked this lots. Please check out my film 'You don't need to be a superhero to work here but it helps!!!' 
Really funny. I will check out your myspacepage as well. 
A funny film with some great dialogues! I enjoyed watching it! --Joseph 
Nice effort and a funny idea.Good luck!Greg Karpinski - director of "Regulation 214b" 
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